Subject: More of the same
From: Keith Rollman <>
Date: Tue, July 26, 2011 2:04 am
To: Carroll Cox <>

Thank you for reading my question to Eric.  It was one question that I knew he would lie about.  He tried to impersonate me via email for the purposes of destroying my reputation and getting me fired.  I sent you a copy of information provided by the police investigation so you would know what really happened. This isn't my word against his, this isn't "throwing rocks" these are facts.

He continues to lie about it on your show with your full support.

You seem to be blinded by your dislike of Hannemann, whom I haven't worked for for nine months. I am not Mufi Hannemann.  I offered to come on your show and set the record straight.  You alluded to Duke Bainum, like there was some smear campaign orchestrated by the Hannemann campaign and myself.  There wasn't, we never mentioned the issues involving his wife.  I have no idea what things that you think I've done, Mr Cox, but my house is made of much tougher stuff than glass, and respectful behavior is a two-way street. 

I warned you about Ryan because I like you and didn't want you to suffer by association. 

Keith Rollman

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Subject:  More of the same
From: Keith Rollman <>
Date: Mon, July 25, 2011 11:18 pm
To: Christopher Vanmarter <>

On Sunday the 24th of July, the following question was posed to Eric Ryan via an email to the host of a radio show, Carroll Cox:

Ask him a simple yes or no, did you send deliberately harassing fake email from fabricated email addresses [such as] purporting to be from Keith Rollman to city employees and the media.”

Eric provided the following response:

The Short answer, did I do this thing I'm accused Was I ever jailed for, prosecuted for, was I,, It never happened.”

Eric then dismissed a “leaked unsigned document,” “from Democrats at the City Prosecutor's Office,” from “Chris Van somebody or other.”

Actually, the document was a letter from Deputy Prosecutor Chris Van Marter to Police Chief Louis Kealoha summarizing the investigation of Eric Ryan for “harassment by impersonation.

The letter states:

The offending e-mail that was sent on September 15, 2008, was created so as to make it appear as though it came from the complainant, Keith Rollman, when in fact, it did not.”

Eric Ryan made several statements about the offending e-mail. He told investigator Kurisaki that Dan Douglas sent the offending e-mail.”

...there is sufficient evidence to believe that Eric Ryan sent the offending e-mail on September 15, 2008...the evidence is sufficient to prove Ryan's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

This indicates to me that Eric lied about sending the email, and lied about being investigated and questioned. He then goes on to allude that it might not have even been a “pretend” e-mail and renewed his lie that Rollman was running attack web sites, including FirePanos on city time and city computers.