DLNR Chief Jason Redulla and his Gun


On July 16, 2015, Carroll wrote to State Senator Michelle Kidani about a very disturbing post on DLNR Chief Jason Redulla's personal web page.    DLNR Chairman Suzanne Case's response was the posting is personal and the gun was his personal weapon.    So, it apprently has nothing to do with the DLNR??   Together with the gun and his badge, Redulla also posted an open letter to his wife.     

Link here to the story on HawaiiNewsNow.


Senator Michelle Kidani
S. District 18
Mililani, HI

Aloha Senator Kidani,

I am writing to you to express my concerns with what could possibly be a developing situation that threaten the safety of the general public, an active duty state enforcement officer, and his former spouse.

More specifically, I am in receipt of personal Facebook posting belonging to Mr. Jason Redulla, acting Administrator of the Hawaii State Department of Land and Natural Resources Conservation and Resources Enforcement Division depicting an image of an assault rifle with the caption "Say hello to my little friend".

The posting also shows photo of Redulla's official badge and a letter to his ex wife.

I respectfully ask that you use your authority to contact the Governor's office to initiate a formal review and assessment of these postings by Mr. Redulla.

Simply posting such information and pictures warrants a review of Mr. Redulla's indiscretions.
I am concerned that the postings could be a precursor to other actions on the part of Mr. Redulla, including violence, leading to him harming himself or others.

Are these postings done to threaten his ex wife, her new partner, or others? Personally I don't believe we should have to speculate on the intentions of Mr. Redulla. We need to act in a timely manner to avoid any further harm that this site currently presents.

Thank you,

Carroll Cox



The page also included the following letter to his ex-wife: