WHERE'S MUFI?

        Questions raised by Mufi's campaign fundraising in Pittsburgh



June 9, 2010

Media Advisory:

FROM:  Carroll Cox

A June 9, 2010, press release from Mayor Mufi Hannemann’s office discusses his travel to Washington D.C. “to meet with Rep. James Oberstar, Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, to discuss federal funding for Honolulu’s rail transit project”.     While the meeting with Rep. Oberstar may have taken place, not only do we question the validity and need for this meeting, we are concerned that the real reason for this trip was to allow Mayor Hannemann to attend an earlier planned “Mufi Hannemann, the Next Governor of Hawaii 2010” fundraiser in Pittsburgh, the same day as his meeting with Rep. Oberstar.  This raises concerns that the mayor continues to manipulate his office as mayor to actively campaign for governor of the State of Hawaii, as many have been questioning. 

Note that his official press release makes no mention of the Pittsburgh trip.  This should be newsworthy as well.  This type of manipulation should not be accepted or tolerated, and his use of tax dollars, even if he is funding the “side trip” to Pittsburgh himself, is not acceptable.  Is this what we can expect from his campaign in the future?

We are also concerned that the information on the flyer was misleading in claiming that it was sanctioned by the FEC (Federal Elections Committee), by placing the number FEC#990313774 on the flyer.   The FEC informed us that no such number exists and it would not be covered anyway because this is a campaign for a state office, not a national office.


SEE THE STORY ON THE NEWS - KHON at 6:00 PM,  6/10/10


NOTE:  KHON pulled the story after their manager received a call from Hannemann.  KHON claimed the story was not on their website due to technical difficulties.   Later it was reposted after the public called in to complain. Please watch and make comments.   Here is the link to the KHON website story.  

The Story, Part II - Mufi Hanneman talks about his Pittsburgh fundraiser on KHON at 6:00 PM, 6/11/10

If you have Oceanic Cable you can also view these stories on NEW ON DEMAND, Channel 953.

The story continues:  On Saturday, 6/12, The Star Advertiser ran a small story saying Mufi Hannemann would not accept money from the fundraiser.






(Wed., June 9, 2010)—Mayor Mufi Hannemann will meet inWashington D.C. today with U.S. Rep. James Oberstar, Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, to discuss federal funding for Honolulu’s rail transit project.


“There is tremendous support inWashington for our project, and we continue to make steady progress,” Hannemann said.


The Congress has appropriated $65 million in federal funding for the project over the past three years, thanks to strong support from advocates in the legislative branch such as Senator Daniel Inouye and Representative Oberstar.


The Federal Transit Administration expects to provide at least $1.55 billion for the project in total, and President Barack Obama included $55 million in the 2011 federal budget.


Hannemann will travel tomorrow (Thursday) toOklahoma City for the 78th Annual Meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.


Hannemann serves as a USCM Trustee and chairs its Standing Committee on Tourism, Arts, Parks, Entertainment and Sports. He will convene a meeting of the committee on Friday, and participate in various additional meetings and forums through Sunday.


The Mayor will also accept, on behalf of the City andCounty ofHonolulu, a City Liveability Award.


He will return toHonolulu on Monday, June 14.



Media contact: Bill Brennan, Mayor’s Office, 768-6928