Mr. Barnes leaving Hannemann's campaign headquarters

    A complaint by an anonymous source was received by Mr. Carroll Cox, the host of the "CARROLL COX SHOW," alleging that the City and County of Honolulu Managing Director/Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell and former Mayor Mufi Hannemann have rehired  Mr. Harold Lee Barnes to work in the Managing Director's Office.   The complainant expressed concerns about various court cases involving Mr. Barnes as a private citizen, and the complainant believes that these cases reflect poorly on Mr. Barnes’ integrity and could possibly compromise the integrity of the Managing Director’s Office.   Another concern expressed by the complainant was that the Hannemann/Caldwell Administration either ignored the legal cases in which Mr. Barnes was a defendant, or failed to conduct a complete background check on Mr. Barnes which would have revealed such important information.

     The allegations involve cases in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the state of Hawaii.   We have contacted authorities to ask their assistance in obtaining factual information about certain issues raised by the complainant.   We have conducted a check of the Hawaii State court records and found that there are approximately five civil cases identifying Mr. Harold L. Barnes and Mr. Hal Barnes. They are as follows:  

    1. CAPITAL ONE BANK VS HAL BARNES ETAL,   Initiation Date   01-25-2007,  Case # 1RC07-1-000588.
    2. MIDLAND FUNDING LLC  VS  HAROLD  L BARNES,  Initiation Date  02-8-2010, Case # 1RC10-1-    001334.
    3. DISCOVER BANK  VS  HAL L BARNES,   Initiation  Date  2-18-2004,  Case # 1RC04-1-001168.
    4. JOSEPHINE T. ROGERS  VS  HAROLD  L. BARNES,  Initiation Date 10-21-2005,  Case# IRC05-1-005896,   
    5. PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOC LLC  VS  HAROLD L. BARNES,  Initiation Date 10-6-2009,  Case # 1RC09-1-008945.

 We have also obtained the following additional information:
 1.   For the Discover Bank Case (refer to Item No. 3 above), documents show that the case involved garnishment of Mr. Barnes’ City and County of  Honolulu wages from the Director of Budget and Fiscal Services, for the amount of $4,729.22.
 2.   Prior to his present employment at the Managing Director’s Office, Mr.  Harold Lee Barnes was employed by the City and County of Honolulu in 2004 and 2007, and is identified in numerous news articles in the Honolulu Weekly, Neighborhood Board meetings and other sources as Special Assistant to Mayor Mufi Hannemann.  Our investigation found that Mr. Harold Barnes was rehired by the City and his official start work date was March 1, 2010.
 3.   Mr. Barnes’ official title is Management Analyst VI (6), and he is assigned to work in the Managing Director’s Office.   
 4.   Mr. Barnes’ date of birth is January 30, 1947.

We were able to confirm that Mr. HAROLD BARNES A.K.A  HAL L. BARNES  resides at 580 Kaimalino Street in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii.   He is renting from the property owner, Mr. Robert Bahm, who also lives in an adjoining unit at that same address. Mr. Bahm's telephone number is 808-254-5278

  Mr. Barnes’ City and County of Honolulu work telephone number is 808-768- 4288.   We attempted to interview Mr. Barnes by telephone and in person about these allegations and his position as a Management Analyst IV (6) in the Managing Director’s office.    We did get
video of Mr.  Barnes last night leaving the Hannemann campaign headquarters.  He denied having warrants in Virginia.  We are researching and will get back with you with more information.

LINK HERE for data extracted from Hawaii's Judiciary website