Road and Highway Builders LLC  stockpiles gravel for

                         GRAVEL GATE



                   Allegedly trucks like this are overloaded and allowed to bypass the state inspection station.

  August 18, 2013

Over the past few years, I have worked to make the State Department of Hawaiian Home Lands' (DHHL)  policies and actions more transparent to the public through our investigative reports. Unfortunately, the snake has reared its ugly head once again, revealing another unethical and unlawful practice involving DHHL land lessees, employees, and truckers.   

For some while I have heard rumors that a number of truckers providing commercial hauling services were skirting or avoiding the Hawaii State Department of Transportation's checkpoint that is  generally  located on Kalaeloa  Boulevard in Campbell Industrial Park.  It was finally revealed to me today that several trucking companies,  including Road and Highway Builders, LLC,  used  a road  passing through DHHL's property, behind a locked gate, to circumvent the checkpoint.  And, they financially compensated individuals for access and use of the roadway blocked by the gate.    Not only that, they used the roadway with the knowledge and instructions of  Mr. Ward Kalei Young, the DHHL land branch manager. 


Sources involved in the matter allege that  Mr. Ward K. Young authorized Robert Cole, a manager with Pasha,  to give  a key  to  Road and Highway Builders, LLC and other trucking companies, and permission to use the gate to conduct trucking from the deep draft harbor at Barber's Point.   Sources allege that some of these companies became "customers" of Pasha, renting or sub-leasing from Pasha, who in turn leases a large plot of land from the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.
All of this  (the subleases and keys to the locked gate) was done to assist Road and Highway Builders, LLC, and other truckers, avoid the Hawaii State Department of Transportation's inspection checkpoints at Barber's Point so, when transporting their materials from the deep draft harbor at Barber's Point, or other locations in Campbell Industrial Park, their trucks could avoid inspection and possible overloaded detection.   
Now hundreds of truckloads are coming and going to and from all points on the Island Oahu, avoiding detection by DOT with  the aid of DHHL.  This is one of the main reasons our roads are so bad.
It should be noted, that some of the companies and workers who are aware of this situation would talk, but are afraid if they speak on record they would be retaliated against and lose their leases and/or jobs. 
In many instances involving wrongdoing by government officials, we routinely hear from individuals who may come forward and speak up, but were afraid to do so, fearing retaliations that could cost them money, loss of business or bodily harm.  Retaliation is a real threat in the DHHL "Gravel Gate" because the DHHL land manager reportedly is the one who authorized the use of the gate by truckers such as Road and Highway Builders, LLC to evade or avoid the DOT checkpoints.  Many of the people involved also say the Abercrombie Administration turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to their many attempts to blow the whistle on this situation.   
Recently, I visited Mr. Robert Cole,  PASHA's manager.  On arriving at Pasha's facility, the security guard however, demanded my driver's license.  He said he would allow me in but must call the office first because he got in trouble for letting me in previously.    On this occasion, when I spoke with Cole, he informed me Road and Highway Builders was a "customer" of theirs but refused to list any other companies leasing from him.  However I did confirm one company he leased to, and described as a "customer", was Pueo Trucking, owned by Mr. John F. Souza, the husband of Hawaii Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa. 

It appears that Pasha's relationships cause questions and concerns about how a Congresswoman's husband can own a business benefiting from leases be allowed to operate under Pasha's DHHL lease.   Did Congresswoman Hanabusa pull strings to aid her husband's business?  

How is it DHHL, under recent scrutiny themselves, is claiming they are revisiting leases and revocable permits to make sure they come into compliance, but continues to let this situation develop and flourish?  How is it DHHL has knowingly allowed Colleen Hanabusa's husband to sublease, and allowed his business to operate out of DHHL property while DHHL is evicting others from their land?


How ironic.  Just recently, in a KITV News story, Mayor Caldwell praised Road and Highway Builders, LLC for their good work and announced a contract to fix streets, when in fact Road and Highway Builders is participating  in "Gravel Gate", allegedly by transporting their gravel in overloaded trucks while avoiding detection by DOT.   How is it they are being allowed this alleged behavior,  that may be contributng to the destruction of our roadways, while they have a city contract to fix them?
We saw what happened with Nixon's Watergate.  How will our politicians handle their Gravel Gate?



                                Harbor at Barber's Point

Pasha's Gate



                                 Locked Gate


                                    Back Road to Pasha's Gate


                Guard house for Pasha's business

           Gravel that fell of truck onto roadway