Email response to Carroll's questions to Donovan Dela Cruz


Subject: Re: Fw: Request for information regarding DTL LLC and DLNR
From: Donovan Dela Cruz <>
Date: Sun, December 10, 2017 11:17 pm
To: "" <>

Hope everything going well.  Please see answers below:

Are you an officer and owner of DTL Limited Liability Corporation?  If yes, what is your title and what percentage of the company do you own?  

Iím a minority owner, 10% of DTL.

What are your duties at DTL LLC?

Communications and community outreach.

What hours do you work at DTL LLC?

I donít have regular hours. 

Did you have any role in the preparation or contributions to the preparation of the grant proposal for the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor Master Plan issued on 4/4/17 for approximately $99, 885. 00?  If yes, what work did you perform?

No. Havenít worked on the project.

What is the annual salary you receive for work at DTL LLC?

Information filed and available with state ethics office.

Were there any change orders after the contract was issued?  If yes,  how many and what were the amounts?

Were there any amendments to the contract?  If yes, what are the amendments?

Was a time extension granted to the contractor for the completion of the contract?
Not involved with project. I donít have that information.  You may want to call DLNR directly and Malia Kaaihue at DTL.

Hope this helps.


Aloha, Carol.