We received the following email explaining what is happening at DLNR:



Aloha Mr. Cox,
Please be advised that there is matter of serious concern that has developed since May 13, 2008. Due to Incompetence and Deliberate Indifference, The State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, under the Direction of Chair Person Laura THEILEN, DOCARE State Enforcement Chief Gary MONIZ, State Deputy Enforcement Chief David GAUD and Oahu Branch Manager Guy CHANG have continued to mis-manage the Conservation Enforcement of the State of Hawaii's Lands and Natural Resources.
Due to the incompetence and unqualified appointment and deliberate indifference perpetrated by the aforementioned administrators, the DLNR Administration failed to accept their responsibilities to provide assistance to the US Environmental Protective Agency. The incident culminating with the EPA Raid on the Hakimo Road property was planned  several months in advance. The US Federal Agency, EPA coordinated this operation with several Law Enforcement Agencies and in fact, brought in several agents from Guam and the US Mainland to participate.
At least a month prior to May 13, 2008, the EPA requested the State of Hawaii's assistance for a mission that was under DOCARE's responsibility, as it involved Hawaii's Land's and Natural Resources.  State Law Enforcement Chief Gary MONIZ and Oahu Branch Manager Guy CHANG were contacted on several occasions with the request for DOCARE's involvement and participation.
Due to DOCARE Administrator's incompetence and irresponsibilty of their Sworn Oath of Office and Code of Conduct required of Law Enforcement Officers, they were preoccupied with the Fiasco of the Iolani Palace debacle that began in April 2008. In summary, the incompetence and deliberate indifference to Professional Law Enforcement duties and responsibilities was clearly demonstrated and conducted when Chief Gary MONIZ and Oahu Branch Manager Guy CHANG failed to take responsibility and control of the Criminal violations that occurred when the Hawaiian Nation Sovereigns locked the gates to the Iolani Palace and took control of the Palace Grounds for several hours.
The incompetence committed by DOCARE's administration was further demonstrated when, newly appointed Chairperson Laura THEILEN, who has no experience and training in Law Enforcement matters took control of the operation and proceeded to mismanage the operation for several months. This action contributed to DOCARE's personnel to spend countless hours, days, weeks and months, wasted at the Iolani Palace. During this time period, the Island of Oahu, requests and needs for law enforcement of the Conservation Resources complaints went ignored and neglected.
The incompetence and deliberate indifference of DOCARE's administrators contributed to the volatile situation when the Honolulu Police Department took public and Administrative (Governor LINGLE, AG Mark BENNETT and US Attorney Ed KUBO) criticism for a Sergeants reaction to an incident that occurred when out of frustration, he voiced that the Iolani Palace was not HPD's jurisdiction and that the State of Hawaii needed to step up to the plate to perform their duties as Sworn Law Enforcement Officers.
The aforementioned conduct culminated with the travesty of justice and misconduct that I am directing your attention to.
Three DLNR-DOCARE Officers participated in the Hakimo Road Operation that occurred on May 13, 2008. I am one who was involved.
Just to give you a little history of myself. I am Aquilino R. "Aku" IDAO. I started my career with DOCARE in September 2006. My previous experience was six years at the Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Three years as a Criminal Investigator, SR-24 and the last three years a Supervisory Investigator, SR-26 (1999-2006). I served 3 months as a Honolulu Police Commission Investigator, SR-24 in 2005. I served for almost a year at the State Attorney Generals Office as an Investigator V, SR-24 (1999). Prior to that I was with the State of Hawaii as a Special Investigator SR-22, Department of Human Services, Welfare Fraud Unit on Oahu and the Big Island (1996-1999). I was assigned to the Hawaii Island Prosecuting Attorneys Office as an Investigator V, S-24 for almost 6 years from 1989 to 1995. I was with the Hawaii County Police Department as a Police Officer from 1984 to 1989. I was a Police Recruit with the Honolulu Police Department in 1984 before transferring to Hawaii County. I began my career in Law Enforcement in 1982 as Reserve Deputy Sheriff. I was employed as a Private Investigator for 2 years in 1982 to 1984, where I spent almost 1 year on an undercover internal theft and pilferage assignment at a Kona hotel where I participated in a drug investigation with the Hawaii County Police Department. During my over 26 years of law enforcement prior to May 13, 2008. I conducted over 2000 arrests and Criminal and Administrative Investigations. I have certifications in numerous Law Enforcement Techniques and was a member of several County, State, Federal Tasks Forces. I have participated and contributed to several Internal Investigations and adjudications involving Government employees.  
Getting back to the subject of DLNR-DOCARE's Miscarriage and Travesty to Justice and incompetence. Prior to the May 13, 2008 EPA raid. At least three months prior, I was advised of the planned raid during the planning stages by the Federal Government. This was because of my prior law enforcement experience, contacts, and knowledge of the area and of the SUSPECTS involved the investigation. One week before the planned raid, in following proper law enforcement protocol, I first approached my Field Supervisor, Wesley MUNDY who directed me to approached then Acting Branch Manager Guy CHANG to confirm his notification of the EPA's request for assistance.
I was very disappointed because DOCARE ignored this request from the Federal Government as I made it known to Branch Manager CHANG that this request for assistance was according to DOCARE's Oath of Office and Code of Conduct. Branch Manager CHANG deflected all responsibility to State Chief Gary MONIZ. I questioned Branch Manager CHANG as to why this was a State Administration decision and does the State Chief micro manage the outer Island's Branch Activities when they respond to Law Enforcement Matters in their respective Branches. 
In all my discussions with Branch Manager Chang, I made it clear to him that I wanted to be informed in either verbal or written orders: Will DOCARE give a yes or no commitment response to the Federal Government's request for Assistance in a Law Enforcement requests for assistance. Oahu Branch Manager Guy CHANG refused to make any commitment to participate or not to participate and as he has historically proven in his conduct, CHANG deferred all responsibility to State Chief Gary MONIZ.
On May 12, 2008, I was on duty at the Iolani Palace. Branch Manager CHANG called a debriefing meeting of all DOCARE personnel 
to inform all officers that he was informed by that the State of Hawaii Sheriff's Office would not be available to respond to any request for assistance at the Iolani Palace on May 13, 2008 due to a prior commitment. In short, Branch Manager CHANG advised all DOCARE personnel that May 13, 2008 was a stand down day at the Iolani Palace and that all personnel that had scheduled day off, could take the day off as scheduled.
I approached Branch Manager CHANG and I informed him that the Sheriff's were not available to respond to the Iolani Palace because they committed their RAF forces (60 Deputy Sheriffs) to participate in the Federal Government's request for assistance. I went into serious discussion with Branch Manager CHANG about his failure to make a command decision in responding with a yes or no commitment to the Federal Government's request for assistance. Branch Manager CHANG again deferred all responsibility to State Chief Gary MONIZ.
I informed Branch Manager CHANG that is is very obvious that he and Gary MONIZ will not participate in the requests for On Duty Response to the EPA Raid. I then informed Branch Manager CHANG that since he already announced that the Iolani Palace assignment would be on Stand Down basis on May 13, 2008 and that I was on my scheduled day off. I would be free to participate in the EPA request for assistance on a voluntary, without pay basis.
I made it very clear to Branch Manager CHANG on (4) four separate inquiries that I was asking him, according to official policy and standards and code of conduct as a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer for the State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Conservation Resources Enforcement Agency, even if it was my day off, I wanted him to order me Not to Participate or that I could Participate in the requests for Assistance by the Federal Government Agency.
Branch Manager CHANG refused to give me a direct order as he stated by responding several times: "I cannot tell you what to do on your day off, If I was you, I would not go but if you do go, do not go in your uniform or do not use your State issued vehicle because Gary MONIZ did not give his permission for us to participate".
I went into discussion with Manager CHANG that I was not him and according to my training and experience, the State of Hawaii was obligated to respond to a official request for assistance by another law enforcement agency to participate in a law enforcement operation, especially when it involves our agency's responsibility of Conservation of the State of Hawaii's Lands and Natural Resources. I informed Branch MANAGER CHANG that he was responsible to "ORDER ME TO NOT PARTICIPATE OR THAT I COULD PARTICIPATE.  CHANG refused to make an executive decision to order me NOT To OR THAT I COULD PARTICIPATE.
CHANG ended our conversation by stating: "I cannot tell what to do on your days off, but if I was you, I would not go, but I know you Aku, you live for this shit, I know you going to go. If you go, do not go in uniform and do not take your State truck".
I responded: "Guy, you are right, If you do not order me not to go, I will go. I will volunteer my time, free of charge, not in uniform or with the use of my State truck. Unless you order me not to go, I will go".
In short, I participated in what was to be a very successful mission. Also responding to the scene was on Duty-duty Field Supervisory Conservation Officer IV, Wesley MUNDY and On Duty Conservation Officer III, Matthew TINAY.
The outcome was: The US Federal Government Agency, Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter of appreciation to DLNR Chair Person Laura THEILEN.
Oahu Branch MANAGER CHANG was confronted by State Chief of Enforcement Gary MONIZ as to why Myself, Officers MUNDY and TINAY participated in this mission. Branch MANAGER CHANG gave false statements that he directly ordered all three of us not to participate in this operation.
CHANG and MONIZ launched an official investigation based on false statements made by CHANG. The internal investigation was conducted illegally and in violation of numerous Policies and Standards of the Bargining Unit's Union Contract and against National and State of Hawaii Labor Relations Laws and Standards of Internal Investigations involving Law Enforcement Officers. We were never served in writing what we were accused of violating. None of our Demands for Rights were met. Our WEINGARTEN RIGHTS, GARRITY RIGHTS and LYBARGER RIGHTS were violated and more importantly, DUE PROCESS and JUST CAUSE were violated. 
There was DISPARITY in treatment when I was releived of my Patrol Duties and Functions, relegated to Dispatch Duties for 5 months. I was subjected to humiliation and frustration by the incompetence, unproffesional and deliberate indifference to conduct and perform Competent Law Enforcement Activity by DOCARE that I saw the writing on the wall that I would be disciplined severly and even terminated from my employment after 27 years of dedicated service as a law enforcement officer. I was affected proffessionally and personally to the point that the pressure contributed to the break-up of my family as I seperated from my wife of almost 30 years and I suffered financial losses to the point that I was frustrated and pressured into resigning and transferring to another State Agency.
Supervisory Wesley MUNDY received a 16 day suspension without pay as disciplinary action based on false charges and an incompetent investigation.
Supervisor Wesley MUNDY was one of the two finalist for promotion to Oahu Branch Manager and he was unofficially apprised by Chairperson THEILEN that he was not selected because of his allowing me and his involvement to participate in the Hakimo Road Operation. Is it ironic that Guy CHANG became the permanent Oahu Branch Manager when out of 10 candidates, he is the most inexperienced and lacks any certification as a Academy Trained Law Enforcement Officer with only several months of supposed supervisory experience. CHANG's law enforcement statistics and history as a DOCARE officer for the past 10 years have been very minimal. CHANG does not have any criminal and investigative background that would qualify him to be the Law Enforcement Branch Manager as he clearly demonstrated by his inability to make executive and command decisions to law enforcement duties and responsibilites.
Officer TINAY received a 5 day suspesion without pay as disciplinary action based on false charges and an incompetent investigation.
We are in the Greivance process with the Union and have retained Legal Counsel with Dafnee BARBEE, ESQ.
There are several other Officers who are or have suffered injustice and disparity treatment from the incompetence and deliberate indifference to Proffesional Law Enforcement Duties and Responsibilities conducted by DLNR-DOCARE'S disfucntional Administrators. (Officers: TANIGUCHI, CURRY, KANE, HAINA, LESPERANCE and SILBERSTEIN are also victims as they are all linked to be known as MUNDY's boys, save CURRY as she is female).
Please feel free to contact me for further discussion as I feel that the State of Hawaii needs to be informed of the injustice and incompetence that has been and continues to be committed.
Aquilino R. Idao