Animal Remains Discarded

The recent discovery of bags of animal parts in bushes alongside the Lualualei Naval Road in Nanakuli, Oahu, Hawaii, has raised the eire of concerned citizens.

Though this discovery is alarming, it is commonplace to find these scenarios throughout the islands. Historically, we've found bags containing fish offal, carcasses of chickens from cockfights, pets and other domesticated animals that were discarded.

This location has received its share of bags containing animal parts. Generally, the bags contain the remains of wild pigs that hunters have deboned and placed the hide and bones in a bag. Occasionally, you will find the remains of a dog that may have died from injuries it received from a wild bore while hunting.

It is possible that the remains of a dog may have also come from the dog having been slaughtered for human consumption. It is unlikely you will find the remains of a dog and a wild pig that were slaughtered at the same time and discarded together.

We recently visited the site and examined the bags containing animal parts and observed that the bags were discarded at different times and showed clear signs of deterioration from the sun and other natural elements. Further examination of the bones and hair exhibited evidence of bleaching from exposure to the sun.

The placement of these bags filled with animal remains presents a health risk and invites rats, flies, mongoose and other scavengers. The decaying animal remains also serve as a reservoir for flies and their larvae.

It should be cleaned up immediately and the dumpers should be discouraged from such practices and penalized if caught.